What we do

diritto civile

The Practice of Alberto Lovisetti in Como specialises in civil law and this represents its uniqueness, handling legal aspects of inheritance in all civil and tax applications.

This specialisation, born out of years of study and experience, runs alongside our handling civilian law, namely: contractual relations, personal, children and the family, separation and divorce, insolvency, disqualification and supporting administration.

The Alberto Lovisetti Practice as well as a legal mediator, is also a supporting director.

The Practice also covers corporate and bankruptcy issues, including tax law and the company law.

We also handle issues covering HR and labour law, plus banking law.


The Alberto Lovisetti AVV. Practice is connected to the main national and international law firms, enabling customers to enjoy not only local but wide coverage in Italy and abroad, in particular Switzerland - Canton Ticino, plus China, Russia, Romania, India, Germany, and the Middle East.

Our Activities

diritto di famiglia

We specialize in:

Contractual assistance; Agricultural law; Civil rights; Property; HR and Labour law; Leases; Family law; International law; Juvenile law; Criminal law; Taxation law; Separation and Divorce; Inheritence.

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